Los Angeles

Although the City of Angels is characterized as both a glamorous show business town and a traffic-gnarled metropolis, the truth about America's second-largest city is that it's simultaneously both and neither. Ask anyone – a doe-eyed starlet-in-training from Iowa to a second-generation Korean-American business owner – why they live in Los Angeles and a familiar cliche will emerge: "Los Angeles is the city where dreams come true." This intoxicating mix of free-spirited hope and relentless ambition is the defining characteristic of Los Angeles residents, who call themselves Angelenos. U.S. News analyzed 100 cities in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each city, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there. Los Angeles ranks as #83 with an overall score of 6.0 out of 10.


Source: realestate.usnews.com

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